Nicolas Rojas

Entrepreneur. Web Developer. Coding instructor.

I teach people the soft and hard skills required to stand out in the IT world we live in. My passion is acquiring knowledge and spreading the word. I believe in easy access to knowledge and education resources so I try to give my two cents with video tutorials on programming and sharing career experience through my social media.

I am a self-taught web developer and on my way to finishing a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering in Bogota. Currently working as a front-end web developer in London.

My passion is developing software but most importantly I live to spread all the knowledge I have acquired over time so that more people have a chance to make an impact through software development. The experience I've had this far profiles me as a Full Stack Web Developer, but I am proud to be a fast learner and can adapt to new technologies or environments.

I have a Youtube channel, a free course in (more soon to come), and a TedX talk that I use as platforms to spread knowledge and create a community around learning software development in spanish. I am a passionate football fan and a Formula 1 lover. Also enjoy reading non-fiction and biographies.

At the moment I am working in developing a couple of applications using React. Since I got into this magnificent library I think there is no going back.

My TedX talk

Companies I've worked for

KPI-SIMIT homepage screenshot

FOB Software

I will always be grateful with FOB. This company has given me full trust and has made me lead developer in several of their projects. I've worked here as both a Front-End and Full-Stack Web Developer. home page screenshot

During my 6 month stay in London I worked for what is one of the most promising companies of the Online Travel Agency Industry. As lead Front-End Web Developer I had a lot of responsibilities and developed plenty of new features for the company.

Universidad de los Andes homepage screenshot

Universidad de los Andes

At the University I've worked as a teachers' assistant in multiple courses, such as Algorithmics & Programming and Probabilistic Modeling for both the Systems and the Industrial Engineering Departments. I also worked as a research assistant for the Civil Engineering Department. homepage screenshot is an e-learning company based in Bogota. In the recent years it has developed into one of the most succesful startups in the colombian startup scene. For I developed a programming course and helped them with miscellaneous tasks in their early stage.

Mad skills:


Projects worth mentioning

KPI-SIMIT homepage screenshot


This was a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard created for one of the main technology suppliers for the transit authorities in Colombia. It was an entirely custom development project in which I took the role of lead front end developer. home page screenshot

As the website's lead front end developer I was part of the two man team that renovated the website and optimized all the processes of the booking flow. Rebuilding user experience and interface was the main goal of this project.

VTR app marketing banner


VTR is an online voting application designed for Home Owner's Associations in the south of Florida. For this project I contributed as full stack web developer and had a lot of involvement with AWS architecture.